Something Close to Tim Ferriss

I have to say, I’ve struggled to get back on track with my daily emails after writing my big personal stories a week or two ago.

Andrea Morris
2 min readMay 2, 2021


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It’s part vulnerability hangover and partly that everything I write since feels like it lands in the 50% of Your Writing is Below Average category.

But getting that off my chest helps. Thanks.

I’ve also spent hours lately thinking and writing about the true practicality of setting limits and keeping balance as an entrepreneur, while not inadvertently playing small and hiding behind those ideas — and where or whether discipline comes into play.

Even though I often mention the importance of focus and ignoring the pressure of hustle culture, and I put massive effort into keeping my business focused and minimal, I constantly fail at it. At times it makes me wonder if I’m BS-ing myself and you.

But when it comes down to it, I continue to operate as if it’s possible to find long-term balance in business ownership and life while still aiming high. And I’m determined to discover the secret sauce or create the recipe if it doesn’t exist.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

P.S. Along those lines (of discovering the secret sauce or creating the recipe)…

1. Do you have any books or resources you love on the topic of work/life balance, focus, and/or discipline? I read a lot in the genre of productivity and professional self-improvement, but haven’t landed on anything that hits the nail on the head.

The nearest author I can think of is Tim Ferriss, but from what I recall, his methods seem to rule out playing the long game of connecting and serving customers, which is a huge part of what makes small business fun and worth the difficulty. If you have a great book or blog to recommend, please leave a comment.

- OR -

2. Do you feel you’re good at keeping fair balance between your small business and your personal life, while also making satisfying progress toward your big(ish) goals?

If so, would you please have a 15-minute conversation with me? Perfection at work/life balance not required!

I’d just love to learn tips and tricks from regular ol’ people (not authors nor internet-famous people) and write up what I learn to share with others. If you’re open to a short conversation, please comment below.

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