I love this! Thank you for putting some of my thoughts into words.

I’ve had similar thoughts bouncing around my head, too: First, who cares about the quality vs quantity argument; no one can win that one since it’s so subjective.

Second, I’m constantly telling myself to not take myself so seriously. It’s the one reason I don’t write as much as I’d like to (holding me back, as you say).

And third, what about all the people who don’t give a damn about making money on Medium, and just want to write to improve their craft and practice having something to say? (This was me, when I came to the platform.)

Medium suffocates my mind with all the articles about making money on here. I came here to write for enjoyment, but I feel constantly bombarded by the culture of earning/not earning, quantity vs. quality, and why people are/aren’t reading my stories, headlines, or intros.

I learn a lot on here by reading articles about good writing, but I also get sucked into the culture that makes me feel insecure about my writing and my goals on Medium.

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