How do you write at those times when your mind feels like mushy brown bananas, ready to get smashed with a fork and beaten into banana bread?

To ask the same question another way: How do you do anything productive on those days when you stop reading news articles only because you’ve literally read all the articles on your 4 favorite news platforms (not because you finally understand what the hell happened last week)?

I guess…you don’t write, until you just do. Not because you want to, and not because it provides a positive feeling, but because you committed to The Practice, which is the effort of ALWAYS practicing your craft, à la Seth Godin.

That’s the point of defining what you’re going to stick with, regardless of the s*** that goes down elsewhere. It’s the only way to improve, so you have to do it even when you feel like refreshing the NY Times app for the 8th time and/or embracing your mushy banana brain and watching Saved by the Bell all night.

How have you been feeling since everything that happened in the U.S. last Wednesday? Have you been obsessed with it, or purposely checked out (or some happy, healthy middle ground)?

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