How do you start growing your Facebook page when you have no content?

Start with: Why are you trying to do it?

A graphic with a question with a screenshot of the question from a Facebook post.

Background sleuthing

My response: Don’t let FOMO influence your marketing

There are tons of valid reasons to market your small business on 3 separate social media platforms when starting out. FOMO isn’t one of them. There will always be more to do; you have to draw a line if you don’t want your small business to consume your life.

Good and bad reasons to add another platform

Steps to get content on your FB page, fast

4 examples of social media graphics about prepping for emergencies
Examples of quick and simple graphics I made from the 5 Things to Stock Before the Election YouTube video
To Simplify Life + Marketing: An advice column from

Emails that connect as the heart of your mktg: Showcase your small business through writing for connection, simplicity, & intention.

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